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28th April 2009

After a heavy Rhyme Time session at my local Starbucks I finally got around to completing my Real Nappy Subsidy Home Washing claim form. When I found out I was pregnant I started some lengthy research into nappy options. It ultimately became a choice between reusable and  the greenest disposable ones available. ‘Real’ nappies have come on a long long way since the terries of my baby days, and not a nappy pin in sight.

Luckily I have a friend who gave me a few different brands (there are a lot!) of reusable nappies to try out, and it also gave me the opportunity to see if all the washing and drying in my small flat was feasible. Once I knew I could cope, I bought a Wonderoo nappy off Ebay (who no longer allow sales of second hand nappies – health and safety reasons I think)  just to try it out and then discovered Baby Kind. They run a really good trial scheme, if you don’t like the nappies you can return them for a 70% refund after you have used them. So this time I tried a Fuzzi Bunz and was very happy with it so went ahead and bought a full time set.

At night or if we are out and about, I still use disposables I like Moltex but I have to buy them online as they aren’t available in my local supermarket, which is where I discovered  Nature Babycare.  I recently read somewhere that even these biodegradable products won’t break down in landfills because it’s the wrong enviroment which totally crushed me, but at least these companies production methods are less harmful to the environment and better for baby too (less chemicals etc).

Anyway back to the form, if you are interested in buying ‘real’ nappies check whether your local council will give you a subsidy, or run a voucher scheme (which you use to get money off your purchase from one of their listed retailers). As coincidence would have it, it is actually Real Nappy Week!

If you are finding the world of real nappies overwhelming keep checking back as we are aiming to add a baby section to the website soon. Right off to ice some cupcakes now!

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