Cheese & Japanese

7th June 2009

Today made my first attempt at cashew cheese. I started off by picking one of many available recipes on the internet and was eventually drawn to one that included soy sauce and miso among the ingredients as I happen to have these in my fridge already. This recipe however did not call for the cashews to be pre-soaked so then I of course had to find out why – apparently this releases ‘enzymes’ – good enough for me so I popped them in some water to soak whilst I went out for lunch at Eat Tokyo.

Newly refurbished and very nice it looked too, it even still smelled of paint! I have been going there with my mum for a good few years now and even my husband who does not really like Japanese food has managed to find a couple of favourite dishes there. I don’t normally go for tempura as it can get too oily but I didn’t really fancy any of my usual dishes and wanted a change , I also had age tofu (fried tofu) and morkyu (cucumber with miso paste).

Lunch eaten and a leisurely stroll around Golders Green completed, I was ready to return to my cashews. I usually halve ingredient quantities when trying out new recipes just in case, unfortunately even this was not cautious enough and I have to admit I was a little apprehensive about the amount of soy and miso the recipe called for.

The consistency was perfect however all I could taste was the miso/ soy saltiness. Even when I added in the full amount of cashews (which yes, I annoyingly had to wait to soak again) it was still too overpowering, so for now it’s back to the drawing board on this one. I did however have more success with sesame seeds and managed to whip up some tahini I will be making that again!