Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale, Hampstead

21st June 2009

Yesterday till the 28th of June is the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale, when I looked to see if anything was going on in London I saw The Vegan Mentor had organised one as part of the South End Green Festival.


I had come across her funky website before so I got in touch. After offering my cupcake services and roping in Sasha, we headed down to Hampstead laden with cupcakes and muffins.

There was a assortment of baked goods; coffee cake, ginger cookies, chocolates, and there seemed to be a great deal of interest considering the Festival was not a vegan specific event.

Sasha making a sale

Goods delivered and friends met, we wandered down to Hampstead Heath, I’d never been before and whilst we were only on the edge I could see it was very beautiful. There was even a dog taking a swim in one of the ponds – don’t you just love summer!

There was just time to check out all the other stalls before the belly started rumbling (yes even after 2 muffins and a homemade Oreo) and the dim sum started calling.

I bid farwell to the ladies of the Vegan Bake Sale stall and headed off for Ping Pong.

My SIGG was actually quite at home amongst the cherry blossoms. I first bought my bottle when I was pregnant and drinking A LOT of water on the tubes (before I was unable to go 20 minutes before needing a pee!) and didn’t like the idea of chemicals leeching in to my water or adding to the production of plastic. My anti-plasticism was reinforced when I started looking at baby bottles too, but I will blog about that another day since I also recently purchased some no plastic sippy cups.

Now you would think I had had a pretty eventful day already but when I got to my station I felt like I had entered the Twilight Zone.

A quick google when I returned home confirmed that it was in fact all part of the 1940s weekend as part of  the D-Day celebrations at the RAF Museum, which is just down the road from the station. With baby finally alseep I stopped off at the park en route, with no book or magazine taking photos of trees got a bit boring after 10 minutes and then I found a hidden treasure in my bag, some chocolates from the Bake Sale much more fun to take photos of and cocoalicious too!

Thanks to everyone that came down and The Vegan Mentor for organising, and I hope you all had a good time!

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