BPA Free Baby

22nd June 2009

Whilst I had heard about the chemical threat in plastics before I was pregnant it wasn’t until this time that I really looked into it.  Before I eventually fell pregnant I had decided that I wanted to express and therefore allow my husband to feed the baby. I try to find environmentally friendly alternatives where I can and when it came to choosing a bottle for my baby it only reinforced my resolve to find something that was not made of plastic. The chemical in question is Bisphenol A which can mimic our body’s hormones and has been linked to diabetes, heart disease and cancer and yes it can be found in clear plastic baby bottles (which are made from polycarbonate). This chemical can be released from the plastic if it gets too hot or damaged, leaching into the feed.

Thankfully due to the public debtate there are now guidelines for using polycarbonate bottles and even better, many BPA free alternatives. I decided to go for glass which of course means it can also be recycled, there are several brands. Born Free and Dr Brown’s are some of the ones I looked at, and I’m sure many more have appeared since. I have to admit aesthetics did play a part in it for me and the NUK bottles I eventually chose have a very sweet design on them. They have served me very well!

Baby is now 6 months and milk is no longer enough for him, so now with weaning I am facing yet again a frustrating amount of plastic in the form of bowls and spoons. Last week I spent a good few hours looking for my options on the internet, I came across many forums where parents were discussing their frustration at having no viable plastic free options, there are people even using stainless steel dog feeding bowls! Fortunately for my Baby I came across the perfect website Little Acorns to Mighty Oaks where I found not only bowls and spoons but also the solution to my plastic cup problem, and today the package arrived.

He seems to be quite pleased with them!

Something I hadn’t intended to buy but also came across on their website was their Baltic amber teething necklaces. I have a friend who has been using one for her daughter, whilst she couldn’t really confirm whether it does work or not we both agreed they look cute. I was a bit unsure if a boy could carry one off, but hey everyone think’s he’s a girl anyway!

And finally here’s how we’re getting on with those Fuzzi Bunz ;op

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