Greenie Bristol

17th August 2009

After Brighton I headed down to Bristol to visit some friends for a weekend of food, kiddies and car boot sales. I managed to get 4 lovely glass cake stands, and had to restrain myself from buying another 3 I saw at the car boot sale we visited on Sunday. I was so surprised as my recent visits to charity shops have been fruitless due to the current popularity of tea parties and cupcakes – who knew they were all hiding in the West Country! Expect to see them gracing our stall laden with baked goodies.

Just one of them would have come in handy when we had a spot of afternoon tea the day before, comprising of some of Sasha’s delicious mini muffins and a slice of cake from Infinity Foods Cafe in Brighton (even I couldn’t manage it after our huge lunch at Terre a Terre) split three ways.

We also went for a lovely walk to a nearby park using the Bath and Bristol Railway Path, I was very interested to hear about this cycle path that goes all the way from, you guessed Bath to Bristol and yes, used to be an old railway track.

It is also a Sustran route – all part of a movement to get people using sustainable transportation i.e cycling and walking, better for you and the environment. If you are interested in finding out if there is a route near you, go to their website where you can also find out more about the charity.

I always get fed really well when I come down and their allotment was very productive.

Although their corgettes where gigantic, I was most impressed with their blueberry bush…even if there was only one lone blueberry so far.

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