Heat Free Monday

31st August 2009

No, I am not talking about the weather (and it is actually quite hot in the flat now!), all over the world countries are introducing a meat free day of the week as part of an initiative to combat climate change. But what does a vegan do on Meat Free Monday? Yesterday I decided to launch my own personal campaign and every monday (or at least one day a week) go raw. Since it was a spur of the moment decision, I allowed myself to be a little relaxed with rules as my food supplies were not really prepared. So for today the aim was not to cook anything, thereby not using any electricity and thus doing something extra to help the planet.

Breakfast – Muesli with sliced pear and water

Lunch – Fudgi (a delicious Greek dish that my friends mum gives me a big supply of everytime I visit – I ate it cold!)

Dinner – Tofu burger (sliced olive tofu I bought yesterday at Spitalfields Organic – reminded me of halloumi, tomato and spread some aubergine pesto on the roll that was already open in the fridge).

I of course now have a whole week to plan next weeks Heat Free Day so next week will hopefully be a little bit more interesting and a bit more raw!

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