Iron Cupcake London – Cupcakes of the World

1st September 2009

After attempting the IronCupcake Earth challenge last month, I finally felt ready to enter a competition where the cupcakes are actually judged on taste too. With the Iron Cupcake London theme of ‘Cupcakes of the World’ I decided my key ingredient would be matcha. I used the basic vanilla cupcake recipe from Vegan Cupcakes Takeover the World and added a couple of teaspoons of matcha mixed with boiling water to the final batter.

Then I made up some frosting, added some more matcha to a small portion of it, cut out the tops of the cakes and filled in the hole with it. With the rest of the frosting I added some cocoa powder and then pipped some of this on top of the matcha frosting, put the ‘lid’ back on and decorated with another dollop of frosting and a dairy free chocolate chip.

I then made the nerve wracking journey to the venue. Nerve wracking because firstly I was worried about slipping over in the rain and destroying my cupcakes and secondly because I was a bit intimidated about entering a non vegan competition.

When I got there, there was A LOT of cupcakes. The Challenge has steadily been growing since its inception which had only 10 entrants, there was I believe over 30 cupcakes tonight! Surely that is too much frosting for one person to eat? Not for these ‘bakers’ and eaters’ (you don’t have to bake something to participate in the judging), many courageously accepted their duty – I saw one guy using an actual cupcake baking tray to hold all his cupcakes (good idea!).

Alas I did not win any prizes, but my tray was emptied and the thought that people had no idea they were vegan brought a triumphant smile to my face.

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