Eastenders Part Two

3rd September 2009

On our last jaunt to the East End Sasha discovered some flyers for a clothing swap. Neither of us had been to one before but I first came across them whilst researching our clothing section and had been very intrigued.

So our debut clothing swap was held at St Margarets House in Bethnal Green. For a small fee (which goes to charity) you take along some of your  ‘preloved’ items from your wardrobe and hopefully swap them for something someone else no longer wants. For each item you bring you receive a voucher which is then exchanged for your new item. They were also serving vegan teas, coffees and cupcakes – yippee!!

Siobhan the organiser was very excited about the good turn out they’d had considering it was their first swap and was very hopeful it would become a regular thing.

As we were in the area we took the opportunity of paying a visit to The Wild Cherry which had been closed last Sunday.

They are a vegetarian cafe with lots of vegan choices. They had a number of jacket potato fillings – Sasha went for pea and mint guacamole, I had a chickpea and vegetable curry, they also a vegan carrot cake and apricot tart on offer.

It had a very chilled atmosphere (what a surprise!), a large seating area inside and a cute little garden where you can eat watched over by the many buddhas. All in all it was very nice and somewhere Sasha said she would like to go again, which could work out quite well as it is just down the road from the Clothing Swap and I still have my vouchers burning a hole in my back pocket!

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