Holidays! By Jenny Calcoen-Birnberg of Gemini Wellness Coaching

Who does not love the holidays ?

The moment has finally arrived – you have been waiting throughout the winter and spring for your vacation time. You have bought a new little black dress and maybe even a new bikini. You have been to the gym more often in the last 2 months than you have been the rest of the year (bar January), you have put up with eating ‘just’ carrots and salad and now …. the big disappointment ! You find yourself a week before your vacation still weighing the same, not fitting into the size 10 dress that you imagined yourself in while sipping exotic cocktails on a beach.  Or, you have just returned from a vacation and feel that you have totally lost the plot, you have lived through one big eating and splurging blur and put on an extra 10lbs.

Have you ever considered that you need a vacation from your self-inflicted pain, judgements and punishments? Most likely you haven’t – we have been programmed to believe that happiness is just within reach, if only we could …. (fill in the blank).

Here are some tips that you may find useful in making this the best summer ever :

·          Feel your feelings – acknowledge the judgements and negative thoughts and then invite them to leave. There is no point in going through life fearful of every meal, every piece of (vegan) chocolate. It’s even worse to punish yourself for being weak after indulging, whatever that means to you. We are what we think about, so isn’t it time you started thinking positive thoughts ? You will be amazed at how much time and energy you will free up this way.


·          There is nothing wrong with you, you are perfect as you are – stop trying to change yourself and punishing yourself.  Instead, find ways that affirm this new truth – have you considered creating and repeating your own affirmation ? You can start by repeating to yourself, several times a day : I love my body –  it is beautiful and strong. If you want to experience real change, really quickly – try to say your affirmation while looking at yourself in the mirror.


·          Take responsibility – you know what is good for you and what is not. Stand behind your choices, whether they are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ –  you own them. There is nobody to blame for your choices. Make sure that you do what is right for you, most of the time, whether this is eating a certain way or creating healthy and loving relationships.


·          Indulge in extreme ‘self-care’ – if you don’t take care of your body who will ? Whether it is going to the gym because you enjoy the way it makes you feel, or whether it is getting a massage or taking a long warm bath, think of ways that you can get re-acquainted with yourself. Before you know it, you will know when your body is talking to you – it will let you know exactly when it needs a rest, a workout or a piece of cake!





Jenny Calcoen-Birnberg of Gemini Wellness Coaching

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