Vegan wine, good enough to drink so I did!

10 September 2009

Laithwaites Grand vin de Bordeaux.  Sauvignon Blanc 2007 Boredeaux – “Our 2007 Sauvignon has pure fresh grass and nettle aromas with a citrus twist”

I have been drinking wine for a while now and my taste in wine has improved with age, with a fairly recent leaning towards French wines.  When I became a vegan and did some [intlink id=”1531″ type=”post”]alcohol[/intlink] research  and discovered that it was more likely for new world wines to be vegan than old worlds I was disappointed.  Also finding out that vegan wines exist but do not get labelled as such was frustrating too.

Laithwaites is an online wine company who have been very helpful.  They kindly provided vegan wines for our London vegan festival and Animal Aid tombolas plus a bottle to review and I was happy to do so! 

They have given me a list of vegan wines, if you would like this please drop me an email at or contact the company directly.  As yet they don’t have a vegan box available but if enough of us ask I am sure they will comply!!


This bottle of wine is one of their own bottles produced in France.  It was dry, crisp and I tasted gooseberries despite the description on the bottle but then I am no wine expert.  It was very nice indeed and my friend also enjoyed it – not that I would expect anyone to enjoy vegan wine any less.

I have requested to Laithwaites to include half vegan wines in my quarterly box going forward.  Unfortunately these were all out of stock in July which delayed the box delivery so much I had to cancel and request a refund.  This was actioned for me without any problems, the staff are exceptionally helpful.  Fingers crossed it goes better next time.


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