Heat Free Wednesday

16th September 2009

Well we got there in the end! What with baking on Monday and pie making yesterday my Heat Free Day kept getting pushed further down the week. So here is what was on the menu today:

Breakfast – organic fruit salad

Lunch – spring roll wraps with guacamole (Sainsburys own brand is vegan), grated carrot and grated celery.

Dinnr – Corgette pasta with green pepper pesto. Since I don’t have one of those fancy machines that makes your veggies look like noodles, I used a grater to get my corgette into ribbons to make the pasta. Then I made my ‘pesto’ from mashed avocado, green pepper and celery. I would have like to have added some pine nuts but didn’t have any, in the end I added a dollop of humous and some shredded cabbage.

Dessert – chocolate pudding, this was a recipe from Gone Raw. I mashed a banana, added some agave and then about 1.5 tsp of cocoa powder. It was a little bit sloppy (hence there is more glass than pudding in the shot!), mabye I should have gone for the recipe using avocado instead, but it was definitely edible.

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