Lovely Vitaorganic, Soho

19 September 2009

Yesterday was the last day of my staycation and Mits and I went for FOOD in London.  This time the plan was to check out the vegan options & eateries in Soho and delivered some muffins and cupcakes as well.


One of the perks of to happy vegan cooking is that we are one anothers guinea pigs and get to taste the latest baked goods.  So I can assure you that these cupcakes taste as good as they look! 

Our day started at Goodge Street station at 10am.  I wore good walking shoes in preparation for one of Mits walking expeditions and had an empty tummy, for one of our eating extravaganza (well until the chocolate cupcake anyway!). 

First stop WAI, a chinese buffet and then on to Sagar vegetarian curry house, both were closed.  Hmmm maybe we started our day trip too early today.  Govinda’s restaurant on Soho street was also closed but it is attached to the temple next door so we could leave some treats and leaflets.  Phew!  At Maoz falafel bar on Compton Street we left a box of treats with the non veggie/vegan staff.  Well we couldn’t miss the opportunity of trying to convert a few people along the way too.

Then we came to Vitaorganic on Wardour street, an eaterie I have walked passed many times but had never ventured into, with hindsight I can now say what an error!  We stopped for lunch & a blueberry, pear, echinacea & algae juice after seeing inside the restaurant and smelling food.  Everything served is vegan, you could either have the eastern buffet or the mediterranean tapas, we had one late of each.




There is such a large choice and variety of food that it will never seem like going back to the same place.  The salad bar is full of sprouts and so is the cooked food.  We both were full of energy when we left ready for our last stop at Lush to pick up a prize for Animal Aid tombola.  We left them some treats to say thank you!

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