Urban Florist

19th September 2009

Since I started running again, I have been noticing all the flowers in people’s gardens as I go past (nosey old me!). As Mum was with me today, I took the oppportunity to go for a walk and use her vast floral knowledge to name all the beautiful flowers I have been seeing. I never knew Colindale could be so exotic!

Passion Flower (after flowering this plant will then produce passion fruit)

Echeveria Runyonii Succulent (kind of like a cactus but not – all cacti are succulents but not all succulents are cacti. The name comes from their ability to retain water and thereby survive droughts and thrive in deserts)

Chrysanthemums (the Chinese have been drinking Chrysanthemum tea for thousands of years)

Buddleia (aka butterfly bush, apparently they love the smell and I can confirm it was not unpleasant!)

My new favourite flower – the Dahlia

I also came across 3 of these spiders, they were a little too large for my liking (and hairy!), and one of them was eating his lunch which looked like it may once have been a wasp.

It just goes to show what amazing things there are all around us (even living in the city) if you just take the time to look.