5 days to go until run to the beat half marathon

22 September 2009

This month has been all about count downs for me, first the London vegan festival and now 5 days until the run to the beat half marathon in Greenwich.

And for each one I have been asking myself the same question, have I done enough preparation for this?  This answer I am not going to know until the day!  I started training in July and up to that point my running had plateaued.  I was jogging regularly but not putting in any variation to my training and I wasn’t getting fitter.

I have loosely followed a training plan which has included 5 runs a week, one long run, one hill run, an interval run, a recovery and fartlek.  I have not always done 5 days a week but have tried to include the variety to improve the strength in my legs and speed for the run.  I have also made sure that I have done long, long runs.

I didn’t really enjoy the last half marathon I ran for a running club for two reasons, firstly I wasn’t ready for the distance and secondly I was billy at the back all alone which wasn’t very motivating.  Oh and then there was the hills that I wasn’t expecting!  This time there are many more runners taking part, there will be live music and I am better prepared.

So bring it on, all 13.2 miles.

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