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24 September 2009

All the veggies seeds were planted at the start of April.  As a novice farmer I didn’t really know what to expect and it has been great watching everything grow, then picking it all fresh from the garden and eating it. 

What was ready to eat first?  Lettuce, which was the cut and grow type, this lasted for about 2 months before eventually “going to seed”.  For all you non farmers “going to seed” is when the plant flowers, creating seeds for on going crops.

Then it was time for the sweetcorn, carrots, broccoli and courgettes which has kept me going through most of the summer.  In hindsight the carrots should have been planted a week apart at a time to ensure an ongoing weekly supply rather than all at once.  Although I did start eating them from when they were baby carrots, small and sweet, which stopped any glut occurring.  I am not sure I would grow the sweetcorn again, it was very tasty but the 4 cob yield doesn’t justify the space used.  I haven’t bought any courgettes since growing them, they taste so good when they are home grown and picked fresh from the garden.


Then the aubergine, tomatoes, green beans, chilli’s, peppers and pumpkins have started and are still doing their thing.  Before going food shopping I go out into the garden and harvest what I can to make sure I don’t buy something I can pick from the garden.  I am pleasantly suprised that the veggies are still coming through, it is brillant.


It is time to start plan next years garden with the added bonus of one season’s growing experience.  Three of my work colleagues will also be growing veggies next year, one of whom has already given me loads of strawberry plants for next year.  There has been crop sharing at work and with neighbours, growing your own veggies seems to create a community by itself.  Everyone should be doing it.

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