Review: Organica Chocolate

27th September 2009

Today I put on my tasting hat, now I’m not to confident in my tasting skills/palate/lingo but I gave it a jolly good try! It might be surprising in light of my cupcake infatuation to hear that I don’t actually have a sweet tooth. I am definitely a savoury girl, but I have been known to eat chocolate on some rare occassions. Inevitably it is dark chocolate (that was always my preference in my pre-vegan days), but since becoming vegan I have become a little obessed with white chocolate which I guess is the norm for such elusive  vegan items (marshmallows, meringues, mars bars etc).

It was therefore with fingers crossed that I approached Organica about prize donating and as I always do, offering our sampling services. What a happy bunny I was when they sent five different vegan chocolate bars, two of each (one for the tombola and one for us to try) and yes as fate would have it one of those bars was their white chocolate!

First off it was lovely and vanilla seed bespeckled. The texture was very smooth and the flavour I thought on my first taste was almost buttery. I didn’t get that quite as much on my second taste, but I’m trying not to eat it all now as I am very interested in cooking with it. When a recipe has called for white chocolate before I have been making my own, and the end results  have come out well (yes it involved cupcakes!) but it would be nice to cut out the extra step. Either way cooking or eating I will be buying more of this!

Next I went for the Hazelnut Nougat and Dark Chocolate snack bar, for some reason I had it in my head that it was going to taste like marzipan but thankfully it didn’t. The nougat was not too sweet and had a nice texture, it went well with the lovely dark chocolate, unfortunately it was all gone before I reminded myself to concentrate on what I was eating!

The next two bars were Courveture bars (I think their version of a ‘milk’ chocolate,) one plain and one with raisins and almonds. Nice and silky it definitely tasted similar to chcolate I had eaten  before, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. After a second opinion it was confirmed it tasted like Galaxy…and Easter Eggs (and my husband should know he’s eaten enough of both!).

The chocolates are also organic and gluten free and as I mentioned before we will have all five (including a  Golden Coconut and Dark Chocolate Snack Bar) up for grabs at Animal Aid’s Christmas fayre in December.

But wait the chocolate extravaganza doesn’t stop there. Booja Booja were lovely enough to send us a box of their chocolates for the London Vegan Festival and another one that we have been devouring. They were soooo good, we tried the  Organic Champagne Truffles, you can definitely get the hit of the champagne (not too much), and they are coated in cocoa powder but it’s not bitter at all. Everything is vegan, gluten and wheat free and they use organic ingredients. They are a little bit expensive, but oh my what a treat and a perfect gift. If I hadn’t had about 100g more chocolate than I normally do in a day I would have had another one!

(Oh and they do ice cream too!)

Check out our [intlink id=”162″ type=”category”]chocolate section[/intlink] for more chocolate brands and online stores.

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