Run to the beat half marathon

27 September 2009

The sun was shining, the sky was blue and at 9.45am today the run to the beat half marathon started.  Although we nearly missed the start after leaving the house late!  Nothing a quick jog to the start line couldn’t sort out and it was a good warm up, bonus.

I ran by myself knowing that I was going to enjoy the run and not put myself under any time pressure, I would be soaking up the sun and atmosphere along the way.  There were a lot more people put supporting this year than last, the main influence being the weather.  A year ago it was cold, raining and grey and this year the sunshine seem to bring out the supporters.   

I had a slow ish start, although it was a lovely day I do prefer running in colder weather.  The race started from the Dome and went out towards to Woolwich on undulating (ouch) roads, there was always going to be a hill up to the top of Greenwich Park and it didn’t disappoint! 

One of my favourite moments was at 9 miles, running passed a music station blasting out a good high tempo tune, looking out accros the Blackheath, enjoying an burst.  Greenwich Park was full of supporters cheering us runners on, the supporters really do make a difference and give a boost to the legs!

The run finished at the Dome and I ran it in 2hrs 20, wahoo.


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