Fruit detox

29 September 2009

After running half marathon yesterday I thought I would reward myself with a two day fruit detox……  Go figure?!

I am not mad honnestly.  I have been reading about the [intlink id=”72″ type=”post”]raw vegan diet�[/intlink]and have embraced it for the odd day here and there after which I have always felt good so it is time to try it for longer. 

I definately didn’t want to change my diet while training for the run so Monday I started the first day of a 8 day “prove it to yourself” diet.  If I feel good after 8 days I will continue. 

Day 1-2 fruit days either one or two fruits each day with herbal teas.

Day 1 – apple day 



Breakfast: apple juice

Lunch: 2 apples chopped with cinnamon & ginger

Snack: 2 apples chopped with cinnamon & ginger

Dinner: 2 apples grated with mint & lemon

Today I felt light & buzzy.  I was hungry a couple of times but it passed quickly.  I had brief headache at lunch time but it passed quickly.  It was a good day, am loving it!



Day 2 – Pineapple day


Breakfast: chopped pineapple

Lunch:  chopped pineapple

Snack: chopped pineapple

Dinner: galia melon

Snack: galia melon

Today has been really hard.  I have had a headache all day, accompanied by hunger pangs and my tongue is really sore so I had to switch fruit mid day to melon.  I am thinking about every kind of food but fruit that I can eat!  Its a battle of wills, will I or wont I stay with the fruit???

Roll on tomorrow and proper food.


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