Sprouting, easy as 1,2,3….

5 October 2009

I purchased my hemp sprouting bag at the festival of life 2008 after see a sprouting demo and being motivated by the sprout with ease bug.  I took my new purchase home and stored it safely in a cupboard for a little over a year.  Occasionally I would stumble accros it when digging around in the back of said cupboard and say to myself “sprouting, yes I must do that soon…..”  And then life would carry on.

Things have changed now that my diet is more raw that not.  I have taken up regular [intlink id=”500″ type=”post”]green goodness juices[/intlink], wheatgrass shots and am fully aware that sprouts are important in a healthy [intlink id=”72″ type=”post”]raw vegan di[/intlink]et.  No more excuses then.

Step 1: of this suprisingly easy process, is to soak your chosed dried beans overnight in filtered what (12-15hrs).  For my first time I chose chickpeas.



Step 2: Rinse beans thoroughly and put into wet sprouting bag.  Then wet bag two or three times a day to keep damp.



After a dayor two, as long as the bag has been kept moist, the beans start sprouting.


Step 3: Add sprouts to a salad, stir fry or make raw humus.  Easy as 1,2,3…….  Why did I wait so long to get sprouting??!!

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