Iron Cupcake Challenge London – Booze

6th October 2009

Another month, another challenge and this time it was booze! I considered doing sake, plum wine and even beer but eventually decided to soak some plums in vodka after being inspired by this recipe by The Gluttonous Vegan.

To cut a long story short my plums ended up being soaked in Southern Comfort (I am THE most clumsy person at the moment). Since I’m not very knowledgable in this fruit soaking malarky I wasn’t really sure how long to leave them in it for, but didn’t want to open the jar to test them before I needed to cook with them in case the air getting in affected it. Well I can confirm 12 days seems to be sufficient!

I made up some vanilla batter (from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World), put a spoonful in the silicone case, added some slices of plum then topped up with more batter and put it in the oven. When they were cool I frosted them with some caramel flavoured icing and sprinkled with Nature’s Colors’ String of Pearls (I am waiting for the day their whole range is available in the UK).

Since it is permitted to enter as many flavours as you want I made an alcoholic version of my Bakewell Tart Cupcake. It was simple enough, I just replaced the almond extract with Amaretto and it actually worked just as well. You can find the recipe for Drunken (Bakewell) Tart Cupcakes here.

This time I had some moral support so was really excited about the evening as opposed to last time when I was terrified! Now take that excitement and multiply by a hundred and you might have some idea of how squeaky and high pitched I became when I was told there was another vegan baker and they had 3 entries!! Yes I actually got to do some cupcake tasting this time yipppee!

I will leave it to The Caked Crusader to reveal the winning flavour, but I simply have to tell you it was VEGAN (alas not one of mine…)! In the words of Ms Cupcake as I gave her a congratulatory hug – ‘vegans rock!’.

Next months challenge is spice so please more vegan bakers, especially as November is vegan month!

See more photos from the Challenge here.


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