(C)Heat Free Days

8th October 2009

Although it may appear to be all quiet on the Heat Free Day front I have still been attempting it every week. Granted my own guidelines have become a little hazy (yes I am sure buying cooked food is tantamount to cheating), but I aim to get back on track for next week!

So here come the excuses, I have inadvertently managed to not cook for myself for 2 days because…Yesterday I was trapped in the house all day (apart from a super quick dash to the post office)  waiting for deliveries and thus couldn’t go for shopping for food which was desperately needed. As it turns out the first one went to the wrong address and ended up sitting in the rain outside Sasha’s house, and the second one didn’t come till 8.30pm!  With lunch missed I couldn’t miss dinner too so had to settle for a takeaway whilst I rushed around.

Breakfast – Muesli

Dinner – Salad pitta with chips and homemade burger sauce

Snack – Cheese and crackers (Jacobs Savours sweet chilli thins, with Tofutti cheese slices and French’s mustard)

Today was pretty hetic and involved driving up and down the A40, I did however manage to consume lots of white bread!

Breakfast – Nametake on bread (it’s a Japanese, hmm not sure what the right word is ‘condiment’? It’s made with shitake mushrooms and normally served with rice, but my mum often has it on toast).

Late Lunch – Lunch box from Veggie Village. I shared this with my husband, in the good old days you used to get a lot more, todays curries were a black bean and a cabbage and potato.

Dinner – Potato bhajia sandwich. After I go to Veggie Village I always pop next door to Chandi Sweet Mart and pick up some of these delicious snacks. The potatos are sliced thinly then coated in batter (made from gram flour and spices?) and deep fried. I ate a ton of these and chilli pakoras when I was pregnant and was still 2 weeks over due!

See how more Heat Free food on Flickr.

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