To happy vegans cupcakes & muffins for sale

10 October 2009

After a couple of months of searching to happy vegans have found a market at Baker Street where we can sell our muffins, cupcakes and other vegan treats on a regular basis.  Yay!  We hope that you are hungry.


Cabbage and frocks market is our new home and we will be there on the 17th & 28th October and 18th & 28th November, and if it goes well then we will be getting a regular stall in the new year.  So if you want to have a place where you can go and buy lovely, delicious home baked vegan treats ALL THE TIME then make sure you come and visit us on one of those dates.

With only 9 days to go (OMG another count down!) we have already stocked with fairtrade, organic supplies and there is a story attached to this delivery….


The delivery went to my house instead of Mits home in error and there was no one to let it in ARGH.  We decided to leave it outside hidden behind some bins but then it started to rain.  And rain and rain.  Water and a delivery of flour is not a good combination.  I was fortunately able to leave work early to go home and save the day YIPEEE.  But when I got to the front it became apparent that I had forgotton my key ARGH again.  

So defeated I got a train back to work and decided to treat myself to a coffee.  As I reached into my purse to pay for the coffee I FOUND MY KEY!  Having previously searched my purse I was confused.  With no chance of going home again, it was time to hope for the best.  The delivery got taken in at 7pm and was fine.  Phew! 

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