Cabbage & Frocks market (1) – can we sell to non vegans?

18 October 2009

The second THV cake stall EVER but this time potential customers are non vegan (except those of you who came to visit us) would we make any sales…..


Market day starts early with a journey from muffin land in south London to Cupcake land in north London, and then we travel to market land together.  We got to the Marylebone street maket, cabbage & frocks, at about 9.15am yesterday & offloaded the car. 

Our stall was at the end of the food area on a corner and we were happy enough with that.  I went off to park the car and Mits started setting up the stall.  We had been given two pasting table which we hadn’t used before so we were nervous about whether they would work…. fortunately they did! 

Our first sale of the day happened while we were setting up the stall. 

“Four cupcakes, why certainly.  No you didn’t buy anything from us two years ago but I am quite sure that you will enjoy these ones all the same”   Yipee one sale down.  We added a THV leaflet in the box so that buy the time they had eaten the cakes

The big question of the day, do we put up our tohappyvegan banner and promote veganism?  After the market opened and we had a few sales we did start to put the banner up but heard a passer by saying “something something vegan something”.  Hmmm good thing or bad thing?  We discussed it and realised that we want to get non vegans eating, trying and then (obviously) loving them and then tell them.  We did mark it clearly on all the card and I did tell a few clients after the exchange.

We had a really good day.  Roll on 31st October and if you are not busy come along and fill your tummies.




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