18th October 2009

I have blogged previously about my search for the perfect Bisphenol A free (a chemical in certain plastics that can leach into the food or drink) baby equipment, but last year I also switched to resuable bottles. Apparently we throw away an estimated 13 million plastic bottles every year and not wanting to contribute to this, or potentially expose myself to BPA I decided to buy myself some SIGG bottles.

These are the bottles that I originally bought:

It has however come to my attention that bottles that SIGG made prior to August 2008 do actually contain BPA. It’s caused a bit of a commotion; SIGG are saying that they never said that their bottles were BPA free, but then they never corrected the assumption that everyone had that they were. You can read their statement here, but basically they have now set up an exchange program. If you have a bottle with an old liner you can send it back to them and they will replace it with one of their bottles with the new BPA free liner. They will also try to replace it with a bottle as close to the design of your original one. I sent both my bottles back and received my new ones pretty quickly.

If you think you have a pre August 2008 bottle and wish to return it, you better get your skates on as the exchange program will be ending on the 31st of October. I have heard that you can return them to the large retailer you purchased them from, but since I bought mine online I had to contact SIGG via their website. But make sure you check that you do have an old liner!

Thankfully I bought Baby Klean Kanteen bottles which are stainless steel and have no need for a liner, and I have to say should I need to buy new bottles in the future I will be sticking with them.

You can read more about why you should use reusable bottles here.