Victoria sponge muffins

21 October 2009

The THV are about to take on stall number 3, its halloween people, we need to up our game.  I have no idea how we came upon the idea but on Saturday Mits and I discussed victoria sponge muffins or mini victoria sponge cakes.  It is totally feasible and I like a challenge. 

To create a mini victoria sponge cake take a victoria sponge cake recipe and veganised it.  Instead of 2 eggs bring on the soy yogurt.  Then add it into a muffin baking tray and cook.  After the cakes have cooled cut in half, spread on some strawberry jam and, if you are feeling naughty, a squirt of cream.

I know that you shouldn’t really say it if you cook something yourself but between you and me YUM!



I also wanted to try out a sugar free muffin and I picked a cinnamon swirl.


Tomorrow I will find out if these cakes are good enough for the stall. Fingers crossed


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