Cabbage & Frocks (2)

1 November 2009

Hey there and happy world vegan day to you!  THV have always said that we want to get our into the world and fight the vegan cause in a passive pleasant way, with the most powerful weapon we have people….BAKED GOODS.  Cabbage & frocks day 2 wasn’t as busy as a couple of weeks ago but there was enough sales to continue getting the good stuff we bake out there into the non vegan world.

As I set off at 7.15am to collect the other happy vegan it was grey but didn’t start chucking it down with rain until I arrived at Mit’s front door.  Typically I was not dressed for rainy weather but at least this time I had warm clothes on!  So does rain keep people in or encorage the coffee/tea & cake eaters of the world?  Well, its hard to say…..

After our first stall we had high hopes of a repeat performance, a level of expectancy that was probably always going to result in a little disappointment.  Fortunately a fellow stall holder once told me that not every market day is good but to stick with it ride the market stall waves (not her words but my interpretation of the advice!). 

Also in the wise words of the other (happy) vegan its about the bigger picture…..fighting the cause.

A stall on halloween must have spooky home grown mini pumpkins and sprinkes on it. 


The raw truffles sold well this week, one lady came back to the stall to tell me how much she enjoyed one.  Yay!  They were presented very nicely as well…..


We had a visit from Artichoke zine and some of Mit’s lovely friends so the afternoon passed in a blur.  We were well lit up as it got dark with many (energy efficient) light bulbs and the market looked lovely.  It got me in the mood for Xmas baking, cranberry pies and Xmas pudding muffins……..  The day ended with burger and chips from Eat and two veg again.


Our next stall there is on Wednesday 18th November when Marylebone High Street Xmas lights are switched on.  See you there!

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