I Heart Cupcakes

8th November 2009

In my pre vegan days muffins were my baked good of choice, it wasn’t till I got married that my obsession with cupcakes began. I didn’t want a traditional cake and so I set about finding the perfect wedding cupcakes. Now this was 3 years ago, and the choice of cupcake bakery was not quite so huge as it is now. Crumbs and Doilies made me some beautiful cakes, and I am pleased to say they are still going strong, have moved from their stall in Brick Lane and can now be found in Covent Garden or on the Kings Road. They do not do vegan cupcakes which is a shame as I’m sure their mascot Ken is one!

A year later I was vegan, and cupcakes became a distant memory. That was until Secret Santa bought me The Joy of Vegan Baking by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. It only has 3 cupcake recipes in it, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry but they were enough to get me hooked. Both below are made with recipes from the book but I’m hoping the progress in my frosting technique is visible as they were made a year apart!

When I discovered Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World by Isa Chandra Moskowitz & Terry Hope Romero I unbelieveable ummed and ahhhed over about whether I should get it or not. For some crazy reason I wasn’t sure if I would use it! Suffice to say it has become my baking bible and whatever new flavour I dream up there is almost always a recipe in there that can be adapted.

As you can see my copy is well used (hob accident!) and now also full of my scribblings where I have changed the recipes to get them just the way I like them. I may have mentioned before but I don’t really have a sweet tooth (I didn’t even eat one of my own wedding cupcakes!), but I really enjoy making and decorating them, and of course giving them to people who really appreciate them. Who knows perhaps I will write a cupcake book too one day!

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