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14 November 2009

I would go for dinner at SAF for any reason for example because there is a “d” in the day…..  This time however, we did have a good reason.  We bought dinner for our web designer for doing such a fantastic job!  And another friend who wanted to try the place out.

Unfortunately SAF’s juicer wasn’t working but they still had some drinks on offerand I had a lovely and refreshing horse’s neck, which is lemon juice and ginger beer.  To eat I had the sushi to start, followed by pad thai and a rich chocolate torte – all raw & tasty.  Dining with 3 others means you get to share food, I had the pleasure of tasting lots of other dishes on the menu.  It was really food food with great company!

The staff were very friendly, helpful and so clued up on the food.  They were able to talk us through each plate of food giving precise and full descriptions.  These people are artists, wonder beings….  Roll on Dec 16th when I am going to SAF again for Xmas dinner.  Fab.




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