Christmas, lovely christmas

15 November 2009

When is it ok to start thinking about and getting excited for Xmas?


Selfridges in London opens their christmas shop in the basement in July (I often see it when visiting a friend who works there) and although it brings a smile to my face this is far to early.  Most other shops manage to keep Christmas stocks at bay until October, this is still a little too early!  Starbucks changed to their red cups in November this year which I think was later than last year but a much better time.  So my book it is OK to start getting excited about CHRISTMAS in November.

I normally don’t have that much control over what makes me start looking forward to Xmas and it has happened to me in Oct before.  I know, far too early because I buy all my presents, make Xmas social arrangements and in a christmas nutshell I peak too early.  By December I buy more presents and have too many plans! 

This year it has only happened to me this weekend for two reasons, friends are coming for lunch tomorrow and I though it would be nice to have some crackers and sprinkles.  Secondly I have been making my first ever vegan Xmas cake….



Vegan Xmas cake will be on sale at cabbage and frocks market on Wed 18th Dec, Sat 28th Dec & Animal Aid on Sunday 6th December.  Come and celebrate chistmas with us, tis the season to be jolly…… 

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