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20 November 2009

Time for another book sharing session, its like a book club here I tell thee….

As you know I am on my on going raw journey and some days are better than others.  Being raw has always interested me, right from the start, when I became a vegan.  I must of heard about non cooking within about two months of embracing the vegan lifestyle and I was like “ooooh that sounds interesting, must find out more”.  It was an instictive thing, it sounded right and appealed to me. 

I went on a raw chocolate course, tried a few days raw but lost inspiration, subscribed to Get Fresh  magasine and realised that I wanted to know some raw history and facts.  I was at the barbican library, perusing the cookery books when I found the new raw energy by Leslie Kenton.  She is a journalist who had heard about this diet, research it and tried it out with her daughter.  The book provides factual background and some science, they share their experience, give recipes, and sprouting information as well as a 10 day give it a try detox diet. 

There is so much information in this book it is an information bible that you can keep coming back to.  It was inspiring and motivating, the facts were interesting and just what I was searching for.  A must read.

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