A rainy day in Brighton

22 November 2009

Despite the weather forecast I thought a day trip to Brighton would be good fun.  Especially as I need some new boots and thought vegetarian shoes would be a good place to go shopping.  After which there d be several options for lunch…


The weather man was right, it was stormy, rainy and windy.  It was great being on the beach, I nearly got blown away taking these pictures and that was even after lunch with a full tummy!  The seagulls looked like they were having the most fun gliding in the wind.  For once, which is probably a good thing, no one was in the sea.


It rained heavily the whole way down.  My new shoes and the prospect of a tasy lunch kept my enthusiasm up.  Nice shoes, nice shoes or maybe some boots? The rain eased off after parking the car, time for a swift decaf soya dark cherry mocha…hmmmmm.  Right shoe time. 

Ambling through the lanes, enjoying the change in weather, the sun coming through the clouds.  Lovely.  Get to the shoe shop and…. it’s shut!  Unbelievable.  Last night I was happily checking out their stock online and didn’t even look at the opening times.  D’oh.

Oh well, an excuse to come back another time.  I went to Infinity foods co operative  and bought some lovely wholefood treats.  Alfa seeds for sprouting (a super food), dried banana’s for muffins and a treat for dinner vegan pizza. YUM!

Then for lunch it was a quick visit to food for friends.  I had the vegan roast with apple and elderflower juice.  It was lovely.



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