It's Not Easy Being Green…

26th November 2009

… but thankfully there are lots of guides out there to help you make the most ethical choices in this crazy crazy world. I think the first vegan book that I bought was The Vegan Society’s Animal Free Shopper, I have the 7th edition, but now a yellow 8th edition is available. It has a bit of information about The Vegan Society and it’s trademark, and then about why you should go animal free. As it is pocket sized, I think the idea is to take it shopping with you and then you can check whether what you are about to buy is vegan or not.

A really interesting and informative book is The Rough Guide to Ethical shopping by Duncan Clark. This is more of an overall guide then vegan specific, and really good if you are interested in being more ethical (and finding our why you should be) with clothes, finance, household and travel.

Green is the New Black by Tasmin Blanchard has really influenced my changing view of fashion. Although till recently it has been on the back burner since I had Baby, now that I have started shopping again for clothes I am choosing to go the sustainable route. I buy from charity shops, vintage shops or from Ebay. If I have to buy new I look for organic and fair trade, but this isn’t always easy as I discovered this week when I realised I had no clothes for my return to work next.

Of course there is also our website. We have tried to provide basic guides to everything but with links to other websites and recommendations for more reading. If there is anything else you would like to see or you think we have missed please let us know, we might already be working on it!

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