Xmas cooking, oh yeah baby

27 November 2009

Being a vegan doesn’t mean that we should miss out on Christmas eating, drinking and general festivities or anything really!

We can still have a nut roast, roasted veg, a la dente veg and gravy.  Ohhh makes me hungry thinking about it!  Then there is mince pies, Xmas cake and Xmas pud with custard, cream or ice cream.  With all this food available how can it be perceived that we miss out!

A cook book which I have been making the most of this year for the festive season is Vegan cooking by Eva Batt.  It contains a lot of more traditional recipes; bread and butter puds, custards, xmas recipes. 



I have always enjoyed cooking so these days rather than stock up on Xmas supplies at the Christmas vegan festival I have started mass production in my own kitchen.  Then I have a supply for friends and family to consume and enjoy as well as enough for all our stalls.

So far from this book I have made the mince pies, although with a 1/5 of the sugar from the recipe book, the Xmas cake and I will be using the nut roast recipe too.  I have not yet ever made a nut roast so I am nervously excited about this.

At the Christmas fayres you will be able to stock on your Christmas supplies if you don’t fancy joing me on my festival baking mission.  We will be at both of the following selling  mince pies and Xmas cake.  Animal Aid festival on Sunday 6th December at Kennsington town hall and the Reading Eco Veggie Fayre at Reading town all on Saturday 19th December. 

Want to bulk buy – place your mince pie and Xmas cake order via info@tohappyvegans.com.

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