Baby Books

29th November 2009

Weaning recipes are pretty simple to begin with, but as Baby got older I still wanted to make everything myself and although he is not completely vegan (he has formula) I still wanted to give him vegan food. Surprisingly I couldn’t find a vegan baby recipe book. I have Feeding your vegan infant with confidence by Sandra Hood and Vegetarian and Vegan Mother and Baby Guide by Rose Elliot, but both only have a few recipes in the back.

There is however a good selection of vegetarian recipe books available, in the end I went for Baby & Child Vegetarian Recipes by Carole Timperley. It has all the basic puree recipes that you start off with but then has dishes for 12 months and beyond. There are lots of recipes that can be veganised (I prefer not to give Baby sugar and salt at the moment so I just leave these out when they are called for) and I have to say some of them are pretty tasty (p.80 lentil hot pot – yummmmy!).

I am at the moment writing up a baby ebook, which will include some of my own recipes including sugar free mini muffins, so stay tuned!

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