Too cold for raw?

02 December 2009

In the last two weeks the weather has gotten cold, brrrrrrrr. At Saturdays market I sincerely considered requesting a bear hug with each muffin sale!  The weather and temperature affect us all differently.  One man walked passed in a t-shirt, open short on top and jeans.  What??!!  I was wearing several thermal layer under my clothes, then a coat, hat, scarf and gloves.  The weather also affects what we eat.

In summer on a hot day it is not a challenge to eat salad or drink juices and smoothies.  Fresh fruit tends to be in an abundant supply, grown locally and cheap, even the organic goods.  If anthing on a warm day, appetite drops.  Can this behavior continue as the seasons change, the weather gets colder and veggies and fruits are not as abundant in supply?

All my previous quests to become raw have failed miserably, as winter approaches and I have seeked the warm comfort of a thick soup or tasty pie.  Comfort food, one of my favourite kinds.  This year I have faired much better.  On Sunday I had one whole day of cooked food, but that is the first (and only) in a long time.  I have kept up with my fruit breakfasts and salads, opting for soups dinner.

The diet I am following has only really been challenging as I have caught winter colds, apart from that I am not forcing myself to eat anything I don’t want to.  The truth be known I hanker after fresh food, it gives me energy.  I feel brighter, clearer and lighter.  So maybe this winter will be my best yet, still not at my ideal 75% but definately not at 100% cooked either.

Too cold for raw?  No, not when it makes me feel so good and healthy!

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