Lovely vegans

07 December 2009

Yesterday we had a stall at Animal Aid  Xmas fair at Kensington town hall selling our vegan treats to the kind and friendly animal friendly people of the UK who are mostly vegan.  I say the UK because people had travelled from far and wide to donate to this good cause.  Brighton, Bristol and Norfolk,  they had visited for just one day too.

After 4 stalls at cabbage and frocks I think that we had both lost a little of our mojo.  Apart from us thoroughly enjoying selling our vegan goods to the unsuspecting non vegans in North London there was no recipricated joy.  Our cake stall, was just another cake stall in the midst of a sea of cake stalls.  If they read the labels properly they would have seen that all the goods were vegan but when you don’t have special dietry requirements you often don’t bother.

Yesterday, however, we felt the love.  It can be hard for us vegans sourcing sweet treats in a non vegan world so we saw again the excitement of our fellow cake lovers as they walked by and saw the stall.  Occassionally met with an “I don’t usually but…” but normally “how will I choose, it all looks so good” we sold everything!  But more than that it was sending people away happily with their apple crumble muffins or chocolate cupcake to enjoy with a nice cuppa tea. 

That is what it is about for us, feeding lovely vegans.

I cannot wait for Reading Eco Veggie Fayre on the 19th December, I might even treat myself to a santa hat (any excuse!).  Tis the seaon to be jolly….

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