5 course xmas lunch at SAF

17 December 2009

I have been eagerly awaiting writing this blog all week, and not because I like to blog but because yesterday I went for a 5 course xmas lunch at SAF.  Did xmas come early this year? 

I thought about starving myself in antipcation of such a many coursed lunch but there were two reasons why this couldn’t happen.  Firstly I don’t really do starving, cold and hunger, neither create fluffy, loving, kind mood in me. More of a grizzily bear rudely awoken from hibination early, not happy!  The second reason is when you are going to eat at SAF you are going to eat healthy, well proportioned exquiste bites.  There is no excess indulgents that I have to starve myself for.

We walked up from the City through the falling snow, it is about a 20 minute walk in the cold.  Enough to help build up an appetite.  We got there a little early, there were a couple of large xmas lunch groups at the back of the restaurant and a few couples towards the front.

We sat down, ordered a bottle of white Bordeaux and picked our menu from choices; beetroot ravioli, detox salad, nut roast followed by cheesecake.  The extra courses we had were raw cheese and crackers and pumpkin pie.  Unfortunately I forgot my camera so there are no photos, sorry.

The meal was nice.  The best bits were definately the raw courses, thats what I go to SAF for.  The food was healthy, tasty but….  It wasn’t as nice as the usual menu.  The nut roast really wasn’t as good as other vegan xmas lunches I have tried.  The service was not as good as it has been previously, we were given the wrong drinks, the bill before we had finished our meal.  There wasn’t an offer to explain the food as it is served like usual.

I put it down to either new staff, maybe the SAF staff party was the night before and there were two large groups who can (but shouldn’t) affect the service.

I will go back again and next time, as I always have before, I will stick to the raw food options.


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