Reading Eco veggie fayre 19th December

20 December 2009

Friday night involved a flurry of texts.  Would there be another snow fall, will there be ice on the roads tomorrow, would it be too treacherous to drive tomorrow?  As you can tell we were worried about the journey from London to Reading in the morning.  Bearing in mind Davina Mccall had just spent a night in her car trapped in by a snow blizzard.  What if that happened to us?  Well at least we wouldn’t starve with a car full of muffins and cupcakes and I had better pack a blanket just in case…..

I set off from Greenwich at 6.30am and got to Mits in North London in my usual time, the roads were empty and ice free.  The most treacherous bit was driving ino Mitsu’s road.  If anyone living on those roads had not been out beyond the end of their street they would understandably think ever road was a nightmare and would stay at home. 

We got to Reading aftering having braved the snow, cold and treacherous driving conditions.  2009 was the first year of the Eco veggie fayre, was anyone going to turn up?  Especially on such a cold day with massive appeal of being at home for the day.

There were not huge amounts of people coming through the fair, that was to be expected all things considered.  What was unexpected was the enthousiam for cake and tombola, thank you Reading!  With less people around there was more time to chat with fellow stall holders and customers.  We met some lovely people and I bought some lovely things, some hand woven baskets.


Today, after a hard days work yesterday, I thought it would be nice to have a special breakfast.  Flicking through my vegan with a vengeance recipe book blueberry pancakes caught my eye.  YUM.


Bear in my mind this is the first time I have cooked this (haha).  I topped it with a squirt of lemon and a sprinke of sugar and it tasted good.  The end result…


I also baked some rhubard and custard crumble muffins this morning.  They taste and look quite good and could be coming to a stall near you soon!

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