Reading Eco Veggie Fayre 2009

20th December 2009


After a rather shakey start, we decided to brave the ice and snow and head off to see the folks of Reading to share our lovely baked goods.

The venue was a little smaller than what we have been used to so far, but definitely had a more laid back chilled feel to it. Without the normal setting up panic and mania that normally ensues we even managed to be ready with time to spare before the doors officially openend.

It’s so nice when people are excited about seeing our cakes, especially when you then see their whole faces light up even more when you confirm ‘yes EVERYTHING is vegan’. The day flew by, we met some really lovely people, both customers and traders and as always seeds were planted for our next adventures. Lunch was a delicious curry wrap curtesy of Aunty Jee.

With our cakes sold out by 5pm, we packed up and back to London we went, Sasha had an appointment with Strictly after all.

The thank yous:

  • Everyone who played the tombola (and the gentleman who actually accepted the purple Melissa shoes he won), we managed to raise £70 for HIPPO.
  • Uncle Jimmy from The Olive Oil Store who gave us a bottle of his lovely organic olive oil for our next tombola.
  • Igennus Healthcare Nutrition for donating a box of their omega capsules for the next tombola.
  • Timbo and all the green santa hatted helpers for organising the event and looking after us.
  • My hubby (aka Mr Tombola).

Our next vegan festival will be the VIVA Incredible Veggie Roadshow in Bath!

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