What to eat on Xmas day?

22 December

3 days to go, not long until Xmas day lunch and I am still not sure what to have.  Suggestions welcome!

What are you having for lunch on Xmas day?  Tell me…  I am nearly panciking.  I have waited for as long as I can and now I need to go food shopping but I can’t go food shopping until I know what I am going to buy and I won’t know what I am going to buy until I decide what I am going to each for xmas lunch.  You see the circular nature of the problem?

I am not going to buy anything thats pre made, I want to make it myself.  Unnecessary additional pressure?  Yup probably.

So mixed roasted root veg are a given.  Last week, on his family Christmas show, Jamie Oliver provided some great roast potato and roast veggie cooking tips.  He gave different herbs, spices and seasoning for different veg so they all taste different and GOOD.  Then I will definately have sprouts & stuffing but what with?

Option 1 – nut roast

Option 2 – squash & spinach filo pie

Option 3 – mushroom and walnut pie

Maybe a little bit of all 3!!  Then there is the matter of gravey, an onion one, a red wine jus or a cheeky cranberry chutney??  For the starter there will be celeriac soup and for dessert, mice pies and christmas cake muffins with brandy orange icing.  Are you getting hungry yet?  The day will start with fruit and a juice and end with a light supper of dips and crackers. 

Ooooh the panic has passed and excitement has begun.  I will take photos (this time) and show you what I end up eating… hee hee yum scrum.  Lovely lovely vegan food. So many choices.  Tell me what you are having, just in case there is something I haven’t thought of.


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