New Years Resolutions

02 January 2010

My first blog of 2010, its only right that it is about new years resolutions.  Have you got any this year?  How many have you made?  Are they same ones as last year or have you already achieved those?

How many conversations at this time of year are about new years resolutions?  With a clean slate infront of us it is easier to plan for change.  Some people never make them, others make them but they don’t last for more than a day.  It is quite nice to say that you haven’t done something this year all be it if you are saying it on January 1st!

I do make new years resolutions each year.  This year, you may not be suprised to hear, that I am intent on being more raw than ever.  My raw resolve was beaten down by the cold weather over the last two months coupled with the festive season.  An excuse, yes, but equally an honest observation.

Resolutions don’t have to be made once a year and then given up on if there has been a slight set back (me & raw spring to mind).  They also don’t have to start on monday or tomorrow, we can make changes right now if we so wish.  We have the choice and are masters of our own destiny.  First of all you need to know your goal and why you want it.

I want to be 75% raw (eventually) to benefit from more energy, better health and shift a few pounds.  My cupboards are slowly being filled with more raw products and now Xmas is done and dusted the treats have all but gone.  I know from my last detox and subsequent raw days that I did have more energy and loose a bit of weight too.  So I just need to keep myself motivated……

Well I love to be creative with food and a raw, non cook diet needs to be interesting to keep it tasty.  Last time I over did the sprouts, they were coming out of my ears and being share with Mits (no the ones from my ears, honest!), so this time I will have less sprouts.  I have bought some raw crackers which taste very good, although quite expensive.  I am not ready to buy a rehydrator yet, I ahve read that an open door oven can be used as a substitute initially.

Not cooking for others is quite motivating too.  I would love to make some raw food for friends and family and get some honest feed back.  So maybe thats what I will do, practise on my meals and hopefully improve (significantly) and then make it for others.  I love it when a plan comes together.


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