Snow blind

14 January 2009

So much snow but so little time to go and play in it.  Long journeys to work and cold weather have made me really apprecaite a few wonderful things in my life.  One of which is my beautiful red, so ethically right it hurts, bag. 

My lovely bag!

Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?!  It is made from recycled fire hoses, so its water proof!  This bag is so green & right on that the sales tag is even made from recycled flight tags.  Check out more bags here.

In December I invested £4.69 (!!!) at wholefoods in one of Shazzies 65g chocolate bars.  Although I have since find out via twitter that there is less of a mark up on Shazzies own website, they are £3.95.  They are organic, vegan, raw & made with agave.  The bar tastes health, there are different flavours and a couple are made with a super foods and  I tried the bar with spirulina.  Oh and it crumbles nicely. 

Shazzies choc

In this cold weather its important to eat enough to keep out the cold!  Here is some of the food I have been eating since the snow began….. 

Veggie juice heaven

Falafel on toast with avocado

And the tasty hot dogs

Vegan hot dogs, salad & chips

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