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16 January 2009

Yesterday I started the day with a lovely spirulina berry smoothie.  YUM.  After a start like that I know its going to be a good day and community foods did not let me down.

I packed my handbag with my super sprout snack and set off to the wilds of north London.


Community is a warehouse set up and I was very thankful that Mits had been before and new where everything was!  I am too use to meandering around supermarkets browsing products.

Yay, community foods!


We headed straight to the organic part of the warehouse where we bought up a storm. 

Shopping time 

I could have bought more but there wasn’t much room left on the trolley!  It was cold in there too, I was under dressed without my usual 14 thermal layers so we headed off for lunch a wing yip.  Good company tasty food and a car full of baking goods, what a marvellous way to spend a Friday.

Can we fit anything else on the trolley?

Today has been all about more juices, lovely soups, sprouts and rhubard crumble.  Yum scrum….

Rhubard crumble

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