Iron Cupcake London – Love

2nd February 2010

Last month Iron Cupcake took a break so Sash and I were raring to go for the February challenge – Love. I have been experimenting with a custard powder so decided to ‘love’ things up a bit by adding some strawberry. It’s based on the custard cupcake recipe I blogged on recently here. I left out the custard filling though and added a packet of strawberry Fruit Flakes to the cake mix and Strawberry Treat! to the frosting. No sprinkles this time, I just kept it simple by swirling with a frosting rose.


I actually think I should have put some of the made up custard in it, as the corn flour in the custard powder dries out the cake mix a little but I didn’t have time to play as I have also been baking in preparation for Viva this weekend.


The competition is getting busier and busier – seriously getting to the cupcakes once we’re allowed to start tasting it pretty trecharous! But booo! Today there weren’t other vegan cakes for us to try. Frustratingly there was an egg free entrant, soooo close!

The offending cupcakes - why oh why not dairy free too?
The offending cupcakes - why oh why not dairy free too?
Our measly vegan cake selection (no plate required!)
Our measly vegan cake selection (no plate required!)

Next months challenge is The Perfect Pair, we have already added it to our diaries (and our spanking new calendar!), I know what I am making too!

For more details and to see who won this month stay tuned to the offical Iron CC website care of the Caked Crusadar.

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3 thoughts on “Iron Cupcake London – Love”

  • I really admire the fact that you’re participating in the Ironcupcake competition each time! I reckon they should have a special award for the both of you for making vegan cupcakes. Keep it up you both 🙂

    I will be going for the next one but unfortunately it’s non-vegan 🙁

    • Thanks lovely! It keeps us entertained anyway! I have some non vegan friends coming down next week so they can try yours out, but how will we know which is yours….

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