Sweetbird smoothie review

04 February 2010

Not so long ago a certain tweat caught my eye.   “Anyone want prizes for competitions….”  Yes sireeeee THV is always on the look out for competition prizes for our lovely readers.

I responded as fast as my fingers could type “yes please”.  Paul from beyond the bean and I conversed for a short while before he offered to send through some tasters for us to try first.  What a kind man.


THV tried three flavours; mango & orange, pineapple & passion fruit and apple & blackcurrant and they taste lovely.  The smoothies are free from preservatives & additives, heathy & ethical.  How do they manage it?  Well….  Here comes the Sweetbird offical blurb.

Getting Ethical with Sweetbird Smoothies

We like to know (as I am sure you do) that the fruit that we are using is helping the growers make money and improve the life of the communities that they live in. For this reason we have been working with a number of growers co-operatives to give Sweetbird Smoothies that ethical twist.

The banana’s that are used in every single bottle of Sweetbird 100% Fruit Smoothie has come from the ‘El Guabo’ Cooprative in Ecuador. The ‘El Guabo’ Cooprative is working to help the local community in providing well paid employment, health care and education.

Our mangos come from the APROMALPI Cooprative in Peru, Oranges from Acipar Co-oprative in Brazil, Apples from the Eve Brands Workers Co-oprative in South Africa, Guavas from the Coagrosol Co-oprative in Brazil and Pineapples from Proagroin Co-oprative in Costa Rica. All of which have been certified by the international body FLO.

All the Co-opratives that we work with are helping to lift the farmers and the local community out of poverty by genially securing a fairer price for the products that they are growing. Grower Co-oprative around the world are supporting the future of their communities by providing education, healthcare and a living wage to their members and families.

Whats so great about Sweetbird Fruit Smoothies?

Sweetbird likes his fruit smoothies and is rather proud of them, but many people have asked how Sweetbird has been able to make his smoothies so delicious but with such a long shelf life and no need for chilled storage?

Well, the magic lies in how the smoothies are produced. They are made with concentrated fruit juice and purees from a number of fruit growing co-operatives around the world which are certified to international fair-trade standards. It’s not just the ethically sourced fruit, but also the most environmentally responsible method of production. Using concentrates and pulps results in a smoothie with a lower carbon footprint (around 37.5% less carbon is produced from smoothies using concentrates than those using fresh fruit).

But that is just the start. Unlike many of Sweetbird’s competitors, each bottle is made on the same line as the filling process, all of which is contained within a sterile environment. This means the bottles are not stored therefore eliminating the risk of dust or bacteria entering the bottle before being filled.

Like all fruit smoothies Sweetbird’s are flash pasteurised (heated to between 80oC – 90oC for around 20 seconds) which kills off any nasties and retains the nutrient content. Before being filled with smoothie, every bottle is gas flushed with Nitrogen to help prevent oxidisation of the smoothie and to prevent any dents appearing in the bottle. This is also the reason why you may here a ‘pppssscchh’ when you open the bottle – it is not a sign that the smoothie has started fermenting!

Sweetbird likes to make sure that our smoothies start their life in the celebrity style that they deserve, so we take a picture of each bottle to make sure they meet his impeccable standards. Once this is done they are wrapped up and shipped out.

So is that all that makes Sweetbird Smoothies great? Well not only are they made from ethically sourced fruit, have a lower carbon foot print of many traditional smoothies, use a 100% recyclable PET bottle, been approved by the Vegetarian Society and for vegan diets by Viva! but they’re also lip smackingly good.