Cake A Difference

9th February 2010

Last week I signed up to Cake A Difference to make cupcakes to raise money for Bliss a charity that raises money for special care babies. So today I brought in 48 chocolate cupcakes as part of a covert vegan operation. Sash ever dependable rustled up some orange and date muffins and raw chocolate truffles to boost donations. I didn’t tell anyone any of it was vegan and the response has been sooooo good!




It’s now lunchtime and all cupcakes and raw chocs have sold out and we are just short of having raised £100! There’s still some muffins waiting, so hopefully by the time the 3pm munchies arrive we will reach the big hundred!


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2 thoughts on “Cake A Difference”

  • I missed out! I’m cabin crew and had to work last week. But I had signed up and am selling my cakes on Tuesday. I reckon Bliss won’t mind!

    These all look amazing! I’m going to check you out for vegan recipes – I have a few recently vegan friends who’d love to be able to enjoy cakes again.

    • Yay! A cupcake baking boy and you make cake stands too! Let us know how you get on especially if you decided to make vegan cupcakes. 🙂

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