Are you eating right?

10 February 2010

Every day we need to eat food to fuel our bodies, to help muscle repair and grow and for vitamins and minerals to keep us healthy.  There are soooo many diets to choose from, all based on different goals with various end results.  If we really are what we eat (which I believe to be true) what’s the best diet for our bodies?  How do we choose the right one for us?

There is no doubt that one diet does not suit all people.  Every body functions differently due to different activities in different climates with varying levels of external toxins. 

However, there are a core set of nutritional & energy requirements that are required by every body to ensure we function at our best.  A largely plant based diet can meet all these needs.  Eating a variety of fruit and veggies, not too many nuts and seeds and a vitamin B supplement or fortified foods is a good start. 

The following too books cover this in more detail and it is best to read this stuff for yourself, draw your own conclusions.




Today’s world is not set up to encourage healthy diets.  Foods that are bad for us are relentlessly promoted by companies with too much money.  With health being something consumers are beginning to  seek more and more not-very-healthy goods can be promoted with some mysterious health benefit. 

Before becoming a vegan I didn’t read any food label, I ignorantly consumed products full of preservatives & refined flour and sugar denoting some healthy benefit.  If our bodies are not receiving the nourishment they need they simply run properly, like an unleaded car filled with diesel.  This in the long term has implications for us on how we feel & our health. 

In my mind the perfect diet would be predominantly vegan with very occasional fish and rare meat and dairy, the caveman diet.  Although this is not a diet I could follow today for ethical and environmental reasoning.  Cavemen would have eaten mainly greens and hunted for fish and meat in the right season and in doing so they would incorporate regular exercise too.

Food is important but let’s not forget about our mind, spirit & soul?  To be at optimum health surely everything part of us needs to be loved, cared for, nourished and looked after?

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