14th February 2010

Lucky me and lucky Baby! I asked a friend who was going to NY to keep an eye out for a thinkbaby feeding set and she brought me one back!

Look at it in all it’s BPA-free glory. Both bowls along with the bento box have lids so they are perfect for when we are out and about.


I had been debating whether to just cave in and buy a BPA free plastic mug for Baby. At the moment I’m using a mini china tea cup – so decadant I know but it also means he can’t be left unattended with it. I am so glad I waited, he was sipping imaginary elixirs from his new cup the moment it was handed to him!


Each piece is made from two shells comprising of a BPA free plastic outer casing which is a nice bright orange and the inner bit is made from stainless steel. Obviously this means you can’t microwave anything in it, but it also means that food and liquids don’t even touch the outer plastic.The set also comes with a spoon and fork perfectly sized for little hands.

I think it’s such a good baby gift, sadly it’s not as easy to find here as in the US (where it’s also available in seperates and in blue). There is one UK stockist (who are ironically out of stock) that I can find – Babipur, although you might be able to find a US online store who will ship to the UK or Little Acorns to Mighty Oaks stock a similar item by Lunchbots.

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