Journey to becoming a vegan

15 February 2010

Until I was sixteen I ate meat, fish & dairy products. Then I had a chicken burger from a well known American outlet which had a lump of grisle in it. Eugh.  That couple with information from a couple of veggie friends was more than enough to turn me into a pescatarian.

I ate fish quite happily through college until I went travelling.  On a boat in South Africa I decided to stop eating fish.  Everyone else was fishing and I couldn’t do it.  I didn’t want to pull the hook out of the fishes mouth and couldn’t bare to see them jumping around on the deck, running out of air and dying. 

As I couldn’t kill the fish I decided that I could no longer eat them either and so at 23 I became a vegetarian.  In hindsight, as a vegan, I now appreciate I wasn’t a very good vegetarian.  No I didn’t eat meat or fish but I didn’t always eat vegetarian cheese. 

Reading skinny bitch and become a vegan has made things so much easier for me.  This lifestly fits very well with my ethical, environmental & health values.  Also with my lack of will power removing a whole pile of naughty foods from my diet was never a bad thing!  Now I also kinda don’t see the point of being a vegetarian but then maybe its because I didn’t do it right at the time.

So whats the next step? 

Well I have been dabbling with raw as anyone who reads my blog will know.  I have had good days, weeks and even months but have not stayed on a raw diet.  I am enthusiastic about being a rawist and it is something I will always be working towards but as thing stand today I am not ready to give up cooked food.  I love cooking.  I find it therapeutic and LOVE the creative output – it helps my mind and spirit 🙂 and thats ok.


2 thoughts on “Journey to becoming a vegan”

  • That sounds a lot like my story. I too became a pescatarian first because I thought that fish led a more ‘free’ existence, full veggie at 17, vegan at 35. Took me a while, and a lot of bad vegetarian habits to get here! I try to be the best vegan I can be, and couldn’t imagine being anything other.

    Never really thought about going raw though,as cooked foods bring me comfort. And it’s too flipping freezing here in the midlands! Also I’m in a fairly new relationship, and I have discovered the way to my vegan partners heart is definitely through his stomach, so I will be sticking with cooking for now.

    • I am a much better vegetarian now and always improving my vegan habits too! It is the health aspect of being raw that really appeals to me but I do find it hard when its cold. Also there is so much vegan stuff I haven’t yet cooked and eaten that I simply think I am not ready yet. Maybe one day! 🙂

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