…Gone Tomorrow

18th February 2010


Well it’s gone! And my head certainly feels lighter for it and my heart will feel happier after it’s popped in the post!

Unforutnately Smoo was ill so one man down I headed into Soho for the chop! I stopped off at Mrs Marengo’s first to see what vegan cakes they had to offer, no cupcakes but a choice of two cakes.

Vegan cakes at Mrs Marengo's: Yay!
Vegan cakes at Mrs Marengo's: Yay!
Non vegan cakes at Mrs Marengo's: Boooo!
Non vegan cakes at Mrs Marengo's: Boooo!

I can’t remember what the other one was and it wasn’t labelled but the rasberry truffle cake I went for was GOOD! Silky smooth with tart rasberrys here and there and soft chunks of chocolate. Definitely one to share, even 3/4 of a slice (ha ha my idea of orginal pretence at sharing!) was too much for me.


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Task one ticked off my list I turned down a dark dark street and there like a beacon was Jigami.


I had a lovely chat with Bradley who styled my hair and discovered he was a pescetarian and they had two vegans working there too! My hair was washed with lovely organic and vegan shampoo and conditioner and as it turns out I didn’t even need any finishing products. And to top it all off I was treated to my hair cut by a very generous friend as a belated birthday pressie – thank you Mimi!! xoxo

By this time I was starving so I decided to go to my fav eatery Vitaorganic, but unintentionally managed to stumble across Zilli Green on my way there. We will however be going there pretty soon anyway as we have been invited for a ‘chefs selection’ yipppeee!!

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